Template Cycles in Assets Repeating Jobs

vWork Enterprise Plan Feature

We Can Allow the Ability to Rotate Through Job Templates for each Asset Repeating Job with our Template Cycles.

This is a very advanced feature and adds a high level of complexity to your asset repeating jobs. This needs to be requested through support@vworkapp.com

For example we have a repeating job below that cycles through the 3 job templates shown.


 This is a weekly repeating job and it automatically selects a different job template every week.


Why should I use this feature ?

You would use this if you have assets that require many different jobs on the same frequency. For example you have a Park as an asset, then you need to mow the park, spray the park and fertilise that park all on a similar frequency.

This can be achieved with a template cycle as shown above.


How do I setup template cycles ?

1. Contact vWork to enable this on your account.

2. Go to Settings > Templates > Template cycles, then create a new template cycle and add standard job templates to this template cycle.

3. You can now create a new asset repeating job and then select your template cycle as the template.



Duration multiplier

This setting lets you change the job duration for different assets in a repeating job even if they are using the same template.

So for example you could have a house wash template that takes an hour for a std house.
Yet when you apply this same template to a large house you can set the duration multiplier at 2 and this jobs duration will be 2 hours.



Template cycle start

When you bulk add your assets to a repeating job you can set the template cycle start position number. This tells vWork which template to start with in the rotation. This can only be set in the attach assets csv file and is only set once. (we have a demo asset attach csv linked at the bottom of this page)


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