Saving Your Optimization Settings as a Favourite

vWork optimization gives you the ability to save all of your settings as a favourite and re-use them with one click.

This gives you the ability to quickly work through and complete regular runs or delivery routes, saving time and money.

How do I save my settings as a favourite ?

Just run through your optimization as normal, choose all your settings - Time frame, workers, jobs, filters.
Then just before you run your optimisation you can type a name for your favourite and hit save (as shown in the picture below).



How do I re-use my saved optimization settings ?

All you need to do to re-use your complete optimisation settings is to click on the favourites tab, then click on your favourite in the list.


Things to note when using favourites.

If you choose to save a polygon selection area with your favourite, you should also select the option 'Auto-select jobs in polygon' or 'Auto-select workers in polygon' as shown below (if this is what you require).




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