Troubleshooting an optimization

Route optimization can get complex when you consider all of the variables -

  • individual worker hours vs the job time windows.
  • capacity of the worker vs capacity required for the jobs.
  • length of the jobs vs hours in the day for the worker.
  • geographic location and travel time.
  • utilization of the worker (ie if they already have jobs booked)

So there are some things you should check when you receive optimization errors. 

Dont worry we will be building smart error messages soon, so we can tell you the problem.

Below are the recommended things to check when you have a failed optimization, if these still provide no help, please email

1. Check the workers hours vs the time windows on the job/jobs. Also company working hours vs time windows.

2. Check the jobs are not in a current optimization as they will not show on the optimisation map if already in use.

3. Check the jobs have only one geo coded step, this is a limitation of version 1.

4. Check the worker has the capacity (they do not have jobs booked for this time)

5. Check the worker does not have other jobs in the timeframe that you cannot see, we will have to optimize around these, sometimes making the route look non optimal.

6. Check the duration of the jobs does not exceed the available hours in the run (ie  9 x 1 hour jobs will fail if allocated to an 8 hour worker shift)

7. If it takes 5 hours to drive between 2 jobs in an optimization, yet the driver is only allocated 4 hours in the time window, or is on a short shift on that day, the optimization will fail.


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