Set up Reasons for Decline

What are Reasons for Decline?

You can create a list of reasons why a worker may decline a job. This is recorded and shows on the schedule and jobs list when you hover your cursor over the declined job.

How to set up Reasons for Decline

You can set up your own reasons for decline that will appear account-wide when a worker declines a job. To add reasons for decline a job:

1. Go to vWork > Settings > General
2. Scroll down to Accept and Decline Jobs.
3. Click Add to enter a reason for a job to be declined. The worker will be able to choose one of these reasons when they decline the job on their mobile device.

* Please note, these are the only options a worker can choose from. Make sure you cover all potential options in the list. 


Add as many reasons as you want. Be aware that if your worker has a device with a small screen long descriptions may run over the edge of the screen. It is better to keep the descriptions brief. 

What do these options look like on the phone and schedule?

Schedule - Hover over the declined job as shown here.

Jobs page - Hover over the declined job as shown her.

Android phone
Apple phone

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