Setup Reasons for Decline

What are reasons for decline ?

You can choose to include a set list of reasons for why a worker may have declined a job. This is recorded and shows on the schedule and jobs list when hovering over the declined job.

This streamlines communication around declined jobs and records the detail.

How to set up reasons for decline.

To setup your own reasons for decline that will appear account wide when a worker declines a job, just follow the below steps:

1. Go to vWork > Settings > General
2. Scroll down to the 'Accept and Decline' settings.
3. Then simply add your own reasons for a worker to choose from.

* Please note, these are all the worker can choose from so they must cover all potential options (see below for some examples)


You Can add as many reasons as you wish, however they may run off the phone screen if your workers use small screen devices.

What do these options look like on the phone and schedule ?

Schedule - Hover over the declined job as shown below.

Jobs page - Hover over the declined job as shown below.

Android phone
Apple phone

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