Why is my Schedule Running Slow ?

The Schedule in vWork currently runs best with less than 500 - 1000 active jobs.

Every job shown on the vWork schedule needs to be loaded into the memory of your browser, so large amounts of jobs can slow things right down on your computer.



We are working on improving this, however there are several ways to avoid this below:

1. Split work up into groups with our Enterprise groups feature. Each group gets its own schedule so this simplifies the vWork schedule.

2. Ensure old declined or open jobs are cancelled so they drop off the schedule.

3. Optimise work so it is only booked into the schedule 2-3 weeks ahead, or use repeating jobs to schedule these automatically. (you can set the time when you want them to generate).

4. Use alerts to email reminders for old jobs, this helps to chase up and ensure no jobs are forgotten.


Below is another example of almost too many jobs on the schedule, you can group up all of your jobs together to get an idea of how many you have loaded:


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