Using the New Jobs Page

The jobs page is very powerful. It contains a list of all of your current and completed jobs.


You can duplicate jobs, link to jobs on the schedule, use advanced search and filtering on this page and you can apply bulk actions here too. All columns can be customised to your liking and sorted, all jobs can be expanded to show extra detail and you can also complete jobs steps where possible. 



Customizing your job page columns
You can click on the settings icon (looks like a cog) to add, order or remove the columns on the jobs page too. See the screenshots below to see how this works.


To customise your column layout, you may need to delete the column from one spot before you can show it in another (as shown below with the 'Groups' column).



Bulk actions on the jobs page

You can just select all, or individual jobs as shown below and apply any of the specified actions.



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