Bulk Importing Assets

How Can I Bulk Import my Assets ?

We allow you to import assets in Bulk using a CSV file (spreadsheet). If you are not familiar with a csv file, we recommend that you please take a look at this article on working with csv files.

Please follow the below instructions on importing many assets.

1. Head to the assets page in vWork here. Then manually create your first asset by clicking 'Add Asset' and filling out the details.

2. Then once your first asset is created, click the Export button to download the CSV file of your asset.

3. You can now use this CSV file as a template to add all of your additional assets.

4. Add your additional assets detail to the CSV file using your own spreadsheet editor (like MS excel), then save.

5. Go to the asset import tab 

6. Choose your CSV file, select that you are using a header row, then choose 'Start matching' as below:



Then drag your CSV fields to match the Asset fields as shown below:


The fields you can include on your asset import are below:

ID Third party ID Name Model Serial Cost OwnerID
Owner Name Address Lat Long Group name Tag IDs Hazard IDs

Along with any common asset fields that you may have setup.

**Please note, You can only import 2,000 lines of assets in one CSV file, so larger imports will need to be split into separate files.


Importing Groups, Hazards and Tags with your Assets

When you are importing hazards or tags with your assets, there are a few rules to adhere to.

- The group name must exactly match the existing group.

- You must use the hazard ID or tag ID (these are listed on your tags and hazard pages).

- These hazards and tags must already exist in vWork.

- When importing multiple hazards, tags or groups with assets in a CSV file you must separate the ID's with a | symbol ("Shift+\" on your keyboard).

For example, to import tag ID's 123, 124 and 456 into one asset, your csv cell would look like: 123|124|456
This is the same for importing multiple hazards and groups.

**Please note, if you give an asset a customer owner or group they will only show for jobs for that customer or group.

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