Conditional logic in job fields

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What is conditional logic ?

Conditional logic allows you to show specific job fields based on what is chosen in a previous pick list or checkbox.
Conditional logic only works with the picklist and checkbox custom field types.

Conditional logic works like a flow chart:

If > I select this item > Then > show this additional information, as shown below:


Why should I use conditional logic ?

With conditional logic, if you have a complex job with many fields of information your workers need to fill out, you can simplify this down by only showing the required fields, all based of the options they choose. 

How do I enable conditional logic ?

Conditional logic is disabled by default, as they can be very complex to manage and setup. If you wish to enable this on your enterprise account, please send an email to and we can turn this feature on for you.


How do I setup conditional logic?

Once conditional logic has been enabled for your account, you can set this up per job template in the job templates admin page.
Just enable the conditional logic check box next to any picklist or checkbox as shown below:


With conditional logic it is sometimes a good idea to sketch out your workflow before you start adding custom fields and sections as it can help to create your job sections before you start.

Something like the example below:



How do I use conditional logic ? 

We recommend you have your workflow sketched out. Nesting many sections can get very complicated, ideally test these in our mobile app before going live with the template.

1. Conditional logic is set per job template, so choose or create your job template.

2. Click into the templates custom fields. Setup your custom field sections:


2. Link up the workflow to your picklists and checkboxes


3. Save the template and test all picklist and check options.

4. This is what it looks like on the workers phone (example is Android):

conditional logic androidNothing chosen conditional logic androidChoose yes shows section Screenshot_20171123-131515.pngChoose no shows nothing


Some tips on setting up conditional logic

  • Draw out your workflow beforehand.
  • Create your sub sections first, so you have these ready to go.
  • Be careful with required fields as these may be hidden from your worker.
  • Lots of picklist options means lots of sub sections, keeping it simple is always best.
  • Condition logic means complexity which will slow things down for your workers and dispatchers, more powerful devices may be needed.
  • If you reference picklist values in your conditions in your job templates, you will not be able to remove or change these picklist values until all jobs are closed, which can be tricky.


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