Bulk Importing Customers

What is bulk importing of Customers?

If you have customers in another system or spreadsheet that you wish to import to vWork, you can bulk import them into the app using a CSV file.

You can also Bulk import your customers from an integration like Xero, Salesforce or QuickBooks online. 

Why should I bulk import Customers?

Save time and energy adding your customers and import them quickly into vWork. 

How do I bulk import customers?

1. Create a CSV for Import

You can bulk import jobs into vWork if you have the information saved as a CSV file (you can save Excel spreadsheets as CSV files if you need to).

If importing mobile numbers, they must have no spaces and be in the following format:
+country,prefix,number for example: +4407911123456,  +61412345678 or +6421345678

2. Upload Your CSV

You can upload your CSV on the import customers tab. Simply select your CSV file, choose if your columns have headings and then click "Start Matching".


3. Match Your CSV Fields to your Chosen Customer fields

You can match as many fields as you want by simply dragging your imported field from the left-hand side over to one of the available customer fields on the right.

We will only import the fields that you choose to match.

4. Accept and import.

When you have mapped all the fields you wish to import, click "Submit".  You should then see a confirmation dialog like the one shown below. Click "Accept" when you are sure you have selected the correct information to import.


Important Things to Note

  • You will receive an email from vWork confirming the customer import, this will also list any missed customers or formatting issues.
  • Bulk imported addresses will not be geocoded (have a confirmed map address). You will need to confirm the geo coded address. We do this as google can easily choose the wrong address, say in another country. There is more information here.
  • Mobile numbers must be formatted correctly. eg. +4407911123456 (+country,prefix,number. no spaces)


 Don't Forget the API...

We also have a full API available if you wish to look at automating this process, all of the API information can be found here.

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