Assigning a Job

What is Assigning a job? 

Assigning a job is when you allocate a worker to a job and publish it to the schedule for that worker to either accept or decline.

Why do you need to assign a job?

If you do not assign a job after it has been created, it will remain unassigned on the schedule, and the work will not be scheduled.

After you have completed the details from the "Creating a New Job" example you will see that the job is listed as unassigned.

How do I assign a job?


Unassigned jobs will always appear as pink. If they are unassigned and have a start time - they will also appear on the workbench.



Drag the job from the left hand panel or from the workbench and place this on the schedule. Unpublished jobs will appear as orange as shown above.



The Publish Schedule button will then be highlighted and it will flash. Click this to publish your schedule once you are happy with it.

If you selected a start time, a worker and clicked Publish Job in the job editor - you aren't required to take this step.


Once you have clicked "Publish Schedule" - your job will appear as Yellow (Pending - Accept/Decline Feature) or Blue (Assigned to Worker) 


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