How do I Find a Job on the Map?

There are many different ways to find a job on the map, here are some of your options:


1.  You Can Search the Map

In the example below we have simply entered the first four letters of the customers name. The results show that there is a customer and also that there is a job for that customer.


By clicking the job - It will then highlight the job on the map.



2.  You Can Hold Your Cursor over a Worker on the Map 

If you hover over your workers you will be able to see what jobs have been assigned to them. You can then select the job to appear on the map.



3.  You can Click on a Worker 

Clicking on the worker will display the jobs they have assigned to them. In this example Barney Stinson only has one job assigned and the optional job arrows are turned on.




4.  You Can Link to the Map from the Schedule tab

Selecting the job on the schedule tab and then clicking on the "Show on Map" Button will load the map screen with that job selected.



5.  You can Link to the Map from the Jobs tab

Clicking the "View on Map" button on the jobs tab will load the map screen with that job selected.





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