What Is Equipment?

Equipment allows you to create a list of your equipment and equipment your customers have.

It also allows you to create scheduled repeating jobs and one of jobs for this equipment.

An example would be if you had sold something to a customer - and you have arranged to service this equipment on a certain day every week.


Setting up Equipment

First you would need to enable equipment in the settings tab here as below:


Then you will need to ensure that the right people have access to create equipment in the users tab.

Click Settings

Click Users

Add a tick in the equipment column for the user that you wish to have access to equipment.

After you have done this - navigating away from this page will then show an equipment tab at the top of your screen



Creating Equipment 

You can create equipment that belongs to you - or your customers. 

Click the Equipment Tab.

You will see the All Equipment Tab by default

Click either "Add Our Equipment" or "Add Customer Equipment"

In this example we will be adding customers equipment

So, Click "Add Customer Equipment"

Type in the customer who the equipment belongs to - A new screen will open up.




As you can see we have added some details to the customer equipment

The Name of the Equipment


Serial Number


On this screen you can also create a one off job or a repeating job for this equipment. We will cover that in more detail later.

Click Update Equipment




You will then see the equipment listed for you and your customers.

You can click Our Equipment or Customer Equipment to see a list of each. You can also Search for Equipment in the Search Box.


Creating a one off Job for Equipment

There are two ways in which you can create equipment

  1. Creating a one off job from the Equipment itself
  2. Selecting the Equipment in the standard Job Editor.

In this example we will create a one off job for Farmer Fred's "Milk Collection Tank" by selecting the equipment on the "Customer Equipment" tab 


Click Equipment (You can also see this on the Customers Tab)

Click Customer Equipment

Select the Equipment (Milk Collection Tank)

Click "Create new job for <Equipment> (Milk Collection Tank)"

Select the Template you will use for this job.

This will populate the standard Job Editor - but your Customer and the Equipment will be pre populated 




 Fill in the rest of your details and click "Save as Unassigned" (If no worker selected) or "Publish Job" (if there is a worker

A job will appear on the schedule under the customers name with an E attached to it.


Also like this


It will also appear on your jobs tab like this


You can also see this by clicking the i_logo.png logo on your jobs on the schedule.


Creating a Repeating Job for Equipment

In this example we will create a repeating job for Farmer Fred's "Milk Collection Tank" by selecting the equipment on the "Customer Equipment" tab 

Click Equipment (You can also see this on the Jobs Tab)

Click Customer Equipment

Select the Equipment (Milk Collection Tank)

Click "Add repeating job for <Equipment> (Milk Collection Tank)"

Select the Template

This will load the Equipment Schedule page



Here is where you can completed all the relevant information regarding the frequency of the job and what you would like the job to be called.

You need to confirm when you want the jobs to be created and how often. You have a lot of flexibility here, including:

  • every day
  • every Tuesday
  • every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • every 3 days
  • every other week on a Thursday
  • every month on the 1st
  • and combinations of the above…

In the example we have kept it simple. A job for every day of the week, the first job is scheduled for today and we want to create the job on the schedule two days before it's due.

Fill out the rest of the information relevant to the job

Click Create

This will now appear on the "Equipment Schedules" Tab


Equipment Custom Field - Templates

You can also select extra Equipment to take with you when you are going to service a customers piece of equipment or even if you need some equipment for any job you are doing

Click Cog Wheel

Click Settings

Click Templates

Select a Template (to edit)

Add Custom Field

Select Equipment

Any new jobs you create using this equipment will now have the Equipment custom fields added to it.


Please note - You can't select other customers equipment if it's a job not for that customer. You can however select your own equipment to take

This is useful if you are off to test Farmer Fred's Milk Collection Tank and you need to take some hose pipe etc with you.






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