iPhone App - Advanced Settings

This tutorial page aims to explain all of the settings you will find on the vWork iPhone app under the Advanced settings page. Please note that adjusting these settings can result in decreased battery life or higher data usage, please proceed with caution.

We have a step by step article here for iPhones if required.


The Prevent Sleep option prevents the iPhone screen saver from putting your iPhone display to sleep. This option can be useful if you are referring to the screen often, however it does uses more battery power. For best battery life, we suggest leaving this off.


This should be set to i.vworkapp.com unless you are advised otherwise by one of our support team.


This setting controls how often the iPhone checks the server for job updates. By default, we set this to 1 minute. You can set this to 30 seconds but this will increase your data usage. If you wish to conserve data, you can drop this down to one of the slower settings such as 2, 3, 5, minutes or even hourly. We suggest something in the 1-5 minute range depending on your data plan and how time critical your jobs are.


The vWork iPhone application can track location in two different modes. The first is called Cellular Tracking and does not use GPS, it calculates it's location based on cell sites. This is not as accurate as GPS, but draws much less power. You can roughly expect to see what suburb the phone is in when using cellular tracking.

The second type of tracking (GPS) is far more accurate, right down to the location's street address. However, this draws much more power. If vWork is left running in GPS accuracy mode, you can expect battery life to only be a few hours. If you switch the accuracy setting from Automatic to GPS, ensure the phone is plugged into a wall or car charger as much as possible. If not, you will end up with a flat battery within a few hours.

The final setting is Automatic. This accuracy setting uses cellular tracking when the phone is running on battery power, but switches over to GPS tracking when the phone is plugged into an external power source like a laptop, wall charger or cigarette lighter charger. Automatic is the default setting and is strongly recommended to optimise battery performance.


This setting controls how often the iPhone's location is updated. By default, we have set it to 200 meters. This means the position gets updated more often the faster the iPhone is travelling. Changing this setting will have dramatic effects on your monthly data usage. We do not recommend lowering this setting unless you understand the implications. For more information, please contact our support team at support@vworkapp.com. If you go over the monthly data allowance supplied by your cellular provider, we will not be able to assist you.


By default, the vWork app only reports it's location from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. If you wish to change these times, you may do so by clicking Operating Hours and then selecting a start time and end time. You can also select which days the iPhone should report position information.

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