How do I Use the vWork Android App?

Jobs List

The first screen you see after logging in is the Job screen. You can accept or decline the job that has been assigned to you or tap the job to see more information about it.


Job Info View

If you tap the job to see more information, you are forwarded to the job info view. From this tab, you can :

  • View customer information by tapping the customer name
  • View and edit scheduled start times and duration
  • View and complete the steps required to complete the job
  • View and complete any custom fields attached to the job
  • Record customer signatures and photos
  • View the job on a map and get directions to the next step
  • Download and print reports
  • If you have permission, you can also decline or reassign the job to another worker



Steps Tab

Tapping "Steps" at the top of the job allows you to see the list of steps for your job, including the address of each one (if provided by the dispatcher). You can complete them by tapping the step. If you need to un-complete a step, you can do so by tapping a completed step.



Map Tab

The map tab shows a map of all the geocoded job steps as well as your current location. If you tap on a step, a popup will show the address and an option to navigate to this step, using turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps.



Your location will automatically be tracked in the background during the times specified in the Operating Hours settings page. You can tell when this is happening by looking at your phone’s notification bar: if there is a small black icon with a white V on it, tracking is turned on.

Invoice from the phone

If you have permissions, you can add items to the invoice from your android phone.
In the job, Touch Invoice > + > then add your items

In the below animation we add a new item to an invoice:


Below we email the invoice out to the customer:
Go into the job > Touch Reports > then under reports > Email

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