How do I Print a Job Receipt from my Android Phone?

Printing from vWorkApp on an Android device, requires Android 4.0 (or above).

Printing from a phone can be troublesome as there are a few hoops to jump through and it should be setup by your I.T. people if possible.
We always recommend printing to PDF and then emailing the pdf as it saves paper, time and the hassle of hardware.

You will need one of the following bluetooth printers:

  • Canon Pixma iP 100
  • HP Officejet mobile 100 
  • HP Officejet mobile 150
  • Brother MW-140BT
  • Brother MW-145BT 
  • Brother RJ4030
  • Brother MW-260
  • Brother PJ-662
  • Brother PJ-663

You will also need a 3rd party app called PrinterShare. This is a free download from Google Play.

Finally you will need a PrinterShare Premium Key. This is a paid upgrade to PrinterShare that will allow you to print to a local Bluetooth printer. The key can also be downloaded from Google Play. (You can use the free version of PrinterShare to test whether or not your printer will work.)

Once these apps are installed, you will need to setup PrinterShare to print to your local Bluetooth printer. Here are the instructions on how to setup a Bluetooth printer.

Please note, that we have not tested all of the printers above, this list was obtained from PrinterShare and is outside our control. Please ensure that you test your planned solution before purchasing multiple printers for your workers.

Once your printer is setup, simply tap the reports button on the "job info" view.

From here, you can download, email or print a status report or an invoice for the current job.

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