What Information does Salesforce send to vWorkApp?

Salesforce created Jobs do not use a vWork template

When a vWorkApp job is created / imported from Salesforce it does not use one of your vWorkApp Templates. 
Instead, a three step job is created with steps called: Start, At Location and Finish.

The vWork job is populated with Salesforce information as follows:

Salesforce ----> vWorkApp
Task Subject becomes Template Name
Task Contact Name becomes  Customer Name 
Task Contact Mailing Address becomes  Delivery Contact 
Account Contact becomes  Billing Contact 
Account Shipping Address becomes Step 2 Address 
Task ID becomes Salesforce ID Custom Field
Task Due Date becomes Due Date Custom Field
Task Name becomes Task Name Custom Field
Task Description Comments becomes Task Comments Custom Field
Task Contact Name becomes Contact Name Custom Field
Contact Phone Number becomes Contact Phone Number Custom Field
Salesforce User Name becomes Created By Custom Field


In addition to the default Salesforce > vWork Job mapping above,
You can also choose to include extra information from Salesforce, click here for more information.

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