What information does vWorkApp send to Salesforce?

Completed vWork Jobs close the related salesforce Task

  • When the job is completed in vWorkApp, we automatically close the task in Salesforce.
  • We write the vWorkApp Job number into the task notes.
  • We also attach a PDF job report to the task showing all of the vWorkApp job details.

(If you import your customer information from Salesforce, we will also create completed tasks in Salesforce for any jobs you create for these customers in vWorkApp.)

Salesforce is populated with vWork Job information as follows:

vWorkapp ----> Salesforce
Salesforce vWork Job completed becomes Task is closed
vWork Job Number becomes  Noted in Salesforce notes
vWork PDF Job report becomes  Attached to Salesforce task 
Any job for a Salesforce imported contact becomes a Salesforce closed task

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