Why should I connect Salesforce to vWorkApp?

When you connect your vWork to Salesforce you will be able to do the following:

  1. Import your customers from Salesforce.
  2. Automatically export your completed jobs to Salesforce as completed tasks.
  3. Automatically export all or some salesforce tasks into vWork as new jobs.
    - Salesforce jobs will use their own template (not a vWork template)

Salesforce integration details:

  • You can simply choose to let all of your Salesforce tasks create jobs in vWorkApp, this is how the integration works out of the box.
  • You can also setup a checkbox in Salesforce so that only selected tasks create jobs in vWorkApp.  (more info here)
  • You can also select extra information from your Salesforce account and include it in the job information in vWorkApp (more info here)
  • We will write the vWorkApp Job number into the notes field of the Salesforce task.
  • When the resulting job is completed in vWorkApp, we will automatically mark the Salesforce task as completed as well.
  • We will also upload a PDF of the vWorkApp Job Status Report to the task so that your Salesforce users have a record of the job that was done.
  • You can now easily import all of your Salesforce customer contacts into vWorkApp. (more info here)
  • If you choose to import all your customer contacts, we will automatically create completed tasks in Salesforce for any jobs you create for these customers in vWorkApp. (We will also upload the job number and PDF as described above.)

If you want to setup vWorkApp to talk to Salesforce, you can find the instructions here.



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