How Do I Import Customer Information from Salesforce?

First, you need to authorise vWorkApp so that we can access your Salesforce account. This is very easy to do and full instructions can be found here.

Once you have authorised vWorkApp, then go to the Customer Tab and select "Import".

If you completed the authorisation step correctly, you should see the following option at the bottom of the page:


Simply click the "Import from Salesforce" button and we will take care of the rest.  



And... done. Now, whenever you create a job in vWorkApp for one of these customers, we will do the following in Salesforce for you:

  • We will create a task in Salesforce for that customer.
  • We will write the vWorkApp Job number into the notes field of the Salesforce task.
  • When the job is completed in vWorkApp, we will mark the Salesforce task as completed.
  • We will also upload a PDF of the vWorkApp Job Status Report to the task so that your Salesforce users have a record of the job that was done.


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