Why aren't my invoices syncing to Xero?

There are several potential reasons this may happen:

  • We only sync invoices for jobs that were completed after you authorised vWorkApp to connect to Xero. If the job was completed before this, it will not be synced.


  • If there are no line items on the job when it is completed, we will not sync the job to Xero. (If you add line items later, we will push the job to Xero.


  • The job must be completed before we will sync the job to Xero.


  • Jobs are synced to Xero periodically. (ie: once an hour, once every 2 hours, etc...) It's possible the sync has not happened yet. If you need to do a manual sync or change the timer interval, you can do so on the integrations page.


It's also worth noting that if line items on a job are changed after the job is completed, we will try and push these changes to Xero, but only if the invoice is still in draft status. If the invoice has already been approved, updating line items in vWorkApp will have no effect in Xero.

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