What is the difference between steps and custom fields?

Job Steps

Steps are fields that determine how long a job takes and when it has been started or completed.
Steps are where you can enter a customer's address so that the mobile user knows where to go to do the job. It is optional to enter an address but vWork needs an address to show the job on the map.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are places where you can enter extra information about a job.

Use Custom fields to create a field to add Notes or additional information that you need, like progress or status.
You can use Pick Lists to set up pre-defined selections; eg. Yes or No.

Custom fields have permissions. They can be:

  • Hidden: these fields are not visible on a mobile device.
  • Read only: the field is only to provide the worker with information.
  • Optional: The field will be visible to the worker but they can choose to complete it. This is useful to add notes about a job.
  • Required: these fields must be completed by the worker. They are shown in a pink box.


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