vWork Beginner's Checklist

Many new customers ask us for help as they get started and recommendations on what they should set up. 

While each user has different needs, there are several fundamental steps everyone should follow.

Below is a brief checklist of key steps to get your account up and running with vWork. For more in depth assistance on any of these features, please click on the heading links below: 


vWork Website Checklist

  1. Add Workers to the Website  -  The first thing you need to do is add your workers to the website so that you can assign jobs to them.
  2. Add Your Customers to the Website  -  Once you have finished adding your workers, you can add your customers. 
  3. Create Your Own Job Template  -  The final step to setting up the website for your business is creating your own job templates.  (Templates are an easy way to quickly create a new job using a set of steps and fields that you create.)
  4. Create a Test Job  -  You can now create a job using your new template. you can also try our job wizard.
  5. Assign the Test Job to a Worker  -  You now need to assign the test job to a worker. 



vWork Phone Checklist

  1. Install vWork on Your Phone  -  Install vWork on Your Phone.  You can download and install the vWork app from either the iTunes store or the Android Play Store.
  2. Enter your Username and Password  -  Once the app is installed on your phone, you will need to enter your username and password.  You should use the username and password for the worker you assigned the test job to.  
  3. If Required, adjust the GPS Accuracy on your Android or Apple device -  You can adjust the accuracy of the tracking on the advanced settings tab. (You can either optimise for better accuracy or better battery life.)
  4. Complete the Test Job  -  You can now tap the job to select it and complete the steps.

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