Mobile Permissions

What are permissions?

Permissions are essentially what you or your workers have access to.

If you are a vWork administrator, you can setup your users with permission to use the vWork mobile app.

 Why should I use permissions?

Setting different permissions enables you to provide access to particular functionality or conversely, block access to certain information or prevent workers from editing job information.

The mobile app is intended to be used by workers who are creating or completing jobs, it is not a full scheduling app for dispatchers.

 How do I set permissions?

To setup a mobile worker, you should go to the User Admin page and ensure that the right mobile permissions are enabled for their login.

In the example below, Amy has been setup with the following permissions:

  • Enabled - This will allow her to login to the mobile app and complete jobs that are assigned to her.
  • Create Jobs - This will allow her to create new jobs and upload them to the server.
  • Assign Jobs - This will allow her to assign jobs to other workers. (She will only be able to assign jobs that have been assigned to her or jobs that she creates, she will not have permission to re-assign any job in the account.)
  • Invoices - In this example, she has read only access for invoices. This means that she can see invoices related to her jobs, but not make any changes. 
  • You will also notice that we have restricted her ability to assign jobs so that she can only assign jobs to Steve or Anthony.  If this optional field is left blank, she will be able to reassign jobs to any other worker.

In the example below, Amy has been setup as a mobile worker with permission to create, edit and complete jobs. However, she has been given no permission to see invoices on her jobs, so she will not see any invoice information.


(Please note, that if invoicing is disabled on your account, you will not see the invoicing permission on the user admin page.)

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