Can I Pause a Job?

Yes, you can pause any job that has been started.

 What is Pause Job?

When you pause a job, it will remain on the worker's schedule as a job that still needs to be completed, but the paused time will not be included in the job duration when an invoice is created. 

Workers can update a paused job's custom fields and invoice information, but cannot complete any steps. Completing a step will automatically unpause the job.

 Why use Pause Job?

Pause a job allows your workers to take a break or stop the job clock should they need to go and do something else.  It enables you to invoice your customers for the time actually spent working on their jobs.

How to Pause/Unpause From the Web

To pause a job from the website, find the job in the list on the left side of the schedule and click it to select it.  In the tray below the job, you should see a pause button, like the example below.

Paused jobs look like this on the schedule. The gap indicates a job that has been paused and started again.  The yellow "paused" flag indicates a job that is currently paused.

To unpause the job, simply click the pause button again, it will now look like a play button.


How to Pause/Unpause From an iOS Device

To pause a job from an iPhone, tap the 3 dots option button at the top right, then tap Pause.

Please note, the job must be already started.

IMG_0651.png   IMG_0650.png

To unpause a job you can tap the job in the yellow area on either the job list or the job detail view.

IMG_0653.png   IMG_0652.png


How to Pause/Unpause From an Android Device

To pause a job from an Android phone, look for the pause control on the menu bar at the top right of the job.

Screenshot_20210422-084414_vWork.jpg   Screenshot_20210422-084435_vWork.jpg 

To unpause a job you can tap the job in the yellow area on either the job list or the job detail view.

Screenshot_20210422-084450_vWork.jpg   Screenshot_20210422-084441_vWork.jpg


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