How do My Mobile Workers Add Items to an Invoice?

What is adding items to an invoice?
If workers need to add additional materials, labor or mileage costs to an invoice, they can do so from their phone directly into the job.  
Why do mobile workers need to add items to an invoice?
Reduce the margin or error and have workers input the exact details at the time they are using them, to ensure jobs are invoiced accurately and completely.
How do they do this?
You will need to decide what your mobile workers are allowed to do. There is more information on the various permissions available here.

iPhones / iPads or iOS

To access an invoice from an iOS device, open the job and look for the "Invoice" button at the bottom of the screen.

Once the invoice view opens, look for the "+" sign in the top right corner of the screen.

If you have given your workers the right permission, they should be able to add a line item to the invoice from a pre-defined pricebook or supply the details themselves as a custom item.


In the example above, we are adding a custom item. The worker will need to fill in either the code or the description as well as the price.



As you can see from the screen captures below, workers on Android phones will need to go through the same process but some of the screen may look slightly different.



What Are My Mobile Workers Allowed to Change on an Invoice?


vWork offers the ability to set invoicing permissions at either an account level or at a user level.

Account Settings 

You can control mobile worker invoicing permission at an account level via Settings > Invoicing.

These settings allow you to fine tune what is adjustable on the invoice, description, quantity, tax rate, line items, etc...

These setting also allow you to force mobile workers to use pre-defined pricebooks.


Mobile Worker User Settings  

 You can also change individual User Invoice Permissions here Settings > User to "None" "Full" or "Read".


Any change to the user's invoice permission will overwrite anything granted at an account level.

In the above examples, Mobile Workers have been given permission to Add, edit and delete line items as well as edit the "actual" quantity. However as this user has had their invoice permissions set to Read they will not have ability to change the invoice in any manner although they can view it.

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