Printing and Emailing Invoices

Invoices can be printed or emailed from either the vWork website or the Mobile Device.


You can print or email an invoice from the Reports tab. Select "Job Invoices" under "Report Type". From there. you have the additional option to filter by Templates, Customers, Workers, Groups, or Job Status and you can also include a date range if required.

Once you have selected the invoice options that you want, click "Generate".




Once the report has generated, you now have the option to either print or email the invoice using the buttons highlighted below.


From Android 

Open the job so you are viewing the job details screen, tap on the "Reports" button. You now have the option to either download or email the invoice.



From iOS 

From within the job details screen, click on the Action button and you will have the option to either email or print the invoice for that job.





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