iPhone or iOS Messaging

vWork enables a mobile worker to message other users who have the messaging permission enabled.

Messaging Notifications

When a mobile employee is messaged they will be notified of this as a Badge App icon on the vWork app, within the main menu, and also at the top right of the jobs list menu.      

You can navigate to the messaging screen by either selecting "Messages" from the main menu or from the notification within the jobs list.



Messaging from the Messages Screen

Once you are in the messaging screen, you can tap an existing message to open it or create a new message by selecting the compose new message icon in the top right corner of the screen.

When composing a new message, you have the option to either send it to a selected recipient or a group of recipients. Here we have selected all dispatchers. Click the message icon in the top right corner to continue.


We are then presented with an option to tag this message to a particular job or not.

If we choose the select a job option, we are presented with the list of current jobs on the mobile workers device. Selecting either the circle or the arrow for a particular job selects that job.

If you choose "No Job Reference" then you will follow the same steps, however your message will not be tagged to a job. You will now be prompted to enter a subject for the message.

Once your subject is entered, tap "Done" to write your message.

Once you click on "Send", the message will be created and you will enter a message window. You can either send another message or return to the main messaging screen.


Mobile Messaging from Within Jobs

If you have selected a job from within the job list, then you also have the option to send a message from the job.

From here we are presented with three options - compose new message, delete the filter that is only showing us messages related to this job, or finally view an existing message about this job.

If you select to create a new message, you will be prompted to reference the current job.


You can then simply follow the on screen instructions to enter recipients, subject and message body... 

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