How do I Setup and Broadcast a Job To Multiple Workers?

What is Broadcast Dispatch?

Broadcast dispatch allows you to send a job to multiple workers, when the first worker accepts the job, it is removed from the other worker's schedules.  This can be useful in a fast moving, group dispatch environment like a taxi company or urgent courier service.

This can also be useful for "lights-out" dispatching where new jobs are automatically sent to all workers without the intervention of a dispatcher.

Why should I use Broadcast Dispatch?

Broadcast dispatch enables you to send an urgent job out to multiple or all of your workers.  The first to accept the job triggers the job to be removed from the other worker's schedules, allowing you to make faster assignments to workers.

How Do I Set It Up?

To enable Broadcast dispatch in your vWork account, go to the settings page and turn on "Accept and Decline Jobs".  You do not need to turn on Auto-Decline.

You will also need to turn on "Broadcast" underneath the multi-assign heading.


How Do I Broadcast a Job?

Once you have enabled these settings in your vWork account, you can then broadcast a job by opening a job and adding multiple workers to the worker field.

You can also click the tick box to assign the job to all your workers.

This job will now appear as "Pending" until one of your workers accepts the job. This job will then be assigned to that worker and removed from all other worker's schedules.

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