The Schedule - Grouping and Filtering Jobs

What is the schedule?

The schedule is the most important tool in vWork and the hub for all job and worker scheduling.  

Why should I group and filter jobs on the schedule?

Filtering jobs by certain criteria; status, worker, template, etc, will help you save time when you need to find them quickly.  

Default View

On the left hand side of the schedule, you will see a list of all your active jobs.  (i.e: all your jobs apart from ones that have been completed).

By default, these jobs will not be filtered or grouped.


Grouping Jobs

You can use the drop down grouping menu, to group all of your jobs by a variety of filters, including: status, worker, template, customer, start date, create date, etc...



Filtering Jobs

You also have the option of filtering jobs, simply enter whatever you want in the filter box and you will only see jobs that contain what you type. You can type addresses, customers, templates, workers, custom fields, etc...



Grouping and Filtering Jobs

The real power appears when you combine these two tools and start requesting things like: all inventory jobs grouped by status, or all jobs for 33 Bath St grouped by the date they were created.


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