Can I Automatically Add Worker Hours to my Invoices?

Yes, you can. This will add a line item to your invoice based on the time your mobile worker spent on the job.

We have 2 features for this, our standard feature where you have one blanket worker rate for every worker in your account and a second more advanced feature where you can set a separate hourly rate for each worker.

What is Automatic Worker hours?

vWork can automatically calculate your workers' hours by job and use this information for automatic invoicing if you have this enabled.

Why should I use Automatic Worker hours?

This feature will help you with more accurate billing of your clients and easier job reconciliation at the end of the month.  You will save time and energy not having to manually calculate worker hours by job.

How to Enable Automatic Worker Hours

To enable this feature, ensure that you have the worker hours option enabled on the invoicing setting page and select how much you would like to charge per hour.

If you are using different rates for each worker, please contact vWork support to get this enabled.

Then you can add each hourly rate to the workers' user page here. (see below)


Once this is done you just enable the required setting on the invoicing tab of the job template as shown below:


How Does it Work?

When a job is completed, vWork will calculate the elapsed time spent on the job. We calculate the time between the first step and the last step and then subtract any time where the job was paused.

This then gets automatically added to the job as an invoice line item using the hourly rate you specified.

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