Can I Automatically Add Mileage to my Invoices?

Yes, you can. This will add a line item to your invoice based on the straight line distance between your job steps.  (This is not a measurement of actual distance traveled.)

What is Mileage?

Some companies need to charge a customer for mileage (cost of travel to the job site).  vWork provides a mechanism to charge for mileage in your automatic invoicing if this has been enabled.  vWork calculates mileage using geocoded addresses and a rate per km that you define.


Why use Mileage in vWork?

Reduce margin of error and ensure all jobs that require a mileage charge, have this line item on the job form.  When the automatic invoicing calculates the invoice at job completion, mileage costs will be included.  


How To Enable Automatic Mileage

To enable this feature, ensure that you have the distance traveled option enabled on the invoicing setting page and select how much you would like to charge per mile (or kilometre).


How Does it Work?

When a job is created, the job editor will give you an estimated straight line distance between the locations of the different steps. In the example below it has calculated the distance from Step 1 to Step 2, Step 2 to Step 3, and then Step 7 to Step 8, and added the distances together to arrive at 7 kilometres.

If you then run an invoice report once the job has been completed, you will see that this job has a distance line item of 7 kilometres at $15 per KM.

Please note that this will only work for steps that have been geo-coded (the ones with the green tick).

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