What is a Pricebook and how do I set them up?

What is a Pricebook?

Pricebooks are pre-defined lists of things that can be added to invoices as line items. A pricebook can have up to 2,000 items in it and each item must have a code and/or a description as well as a price.

You can have as many pricebooks as you like, but you can only choose one pricebook per job template.

Pricebooks are an optional feature and are not mandatory. You can allow workers to enter items manually.

Why use pricebooks?

Price books are required if you are planning on setting up automated invoicing.  

How to create a new pricebook

To setup a Pricebook, access Pricebooks from the Settings menu and select "Create New Pricebook". 


Import Your CSV

For this example we will use the following Excel pricebook which has been saved as a CSV file and which contains the header rows of Code, Description, and Price.

Once you have named the pricebook, the CSV file has been selected and "My CSV has a header row" is checked, then click on "Start Matching".



Match Your CSV to the Pricebook Fields

In the next screen, you will be prompted to match the columns from your CSV to the fields in vWork that you need to populate. Simply drag your CSV fields from the left hand side and drop them on the vWork field on the right.


Once you have completed matching the fields, then click on "Import Pricebooks" at the bottom right of the screen. 


Confirm Your Field Mappings

You will then see a pop up box advising how many of your imported CSV fields have been mapped successfully to vWork and ensuring that you want to proceed. Check that it contains all your CSV fields and click on "Accept".

vWork will now import your CSV data. Depending on the size of the file it may take a moment or two. We will send you an email notification when it has been completed.


Add The Pricebook to a Template

Once the Pricebook has been created, you need to choose which templates to add the pricebook to. You can do this from the Templates admin page.

Find the template you wish to use and click the template name to open it. If you scroll down to the invoicing section of the template, you should be able to select the pricebook we just created.

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