How Does the ETA Alert Work?

The ETA alert allows you to send an email or SMS that contains the worker’s Estimated Time of Arrival, with an optional link to view live location.
The alert is triggered (sent) when a specific job step is completed - Like "en route".You can also choose to allow the customer to live track your worker and see exactly how far away they are.

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How should my job template look when using an ETA Alert?
*Please ensure your templates have an address change from one job step to the next.

The steps in the template should be steps needed to calculate an accurate ETA.
e.g. Leave Job Site, En Route, Pick Up from Depot, Arrive at Customer Location etc.

How do I setup my ETA alert ?

1. Go to our Alerts Page and choose add alert. 

2. Then simply select Estimated Time of Arrival as your alert.

3. Then select your filters (who and what this alert applies to). You can leave this blank and it will apply to all jobs.

4. Choose who will get the alert. (site contact, custom email, SMS/Text or even assign a dispatcher in-app notifications)

5. Then customize the alert email. (this will not apply to a text message) You can type and add any of the below fields and they will populate into the customized email.

In the alert example below, once the "En Route" job step is completed, the alert is triggered, sending an ETA to the "Onsite" location. You can get very creative on how the alert works.


What does the customer see ?

Below is the alert email and alert SMS that is sent after the en route job step is completed. The customer will know that the worker should be approx 10 mins and 5kms away from the location of the Onsite job step.
You also have the option to allow them to view the worker location live online too.

The email alert and live view are branded to your company colours and logo.



View Worker Location Live Online

When you setup your ETA alert you have the option of allowing your customer to view the worker location live online. This will link to a map of the worker and they can see in real time the worker getting closer.

To turn this on, please select the below option(s) when you setup your ETA alert:

When they click the "View Live Online" link, your customer will see the map with the worker on the way as below:

How is the ETA calculated ?
The ETA is calculated based on the estimated travel time to the destination job step from the worker’s current location.
This comes from Google maps directions feature, so includes traffic and congestion.

If we do not know the worker’s current location, we will supply an ETA based on estimated travel time between the two job steps.

Please Note:
If we do not have a current location for the worker or a geolocated job step we will not be able to send the ETA alert, in this case we will send you an email to let you know an error has occurred.

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