How Can I Search the Map?

What is the Map?

vWork has a handy map feature which enables you to track both jobs and workers in real time.

Why should I use the Map feature?

By geocoding jobs and using the map feature, you can make smarter dispatching decisions.  Both job locations and worker locations can be mapped, so you can choose the closest, available worker for each job.  Save time and fuel costs and squeeze more jobs into your day!  

How do I search the Map?

vWork has a very powerful search engine, located in the top right corner of the map tab.

As you start typing, it will bring up a variety of options:

  • Workers
  • Addresses
  • Customers
  • Jobs
  • Quotes

This should make it easy to find whatever you are looking for. 

How do I use the Map feature?

For more in depth information, read more about how to find a job or a workers on the map.

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