Can Workers See Customer Information on Their Phones?

Yes, your workers can see customer details for jobs that have been assigned to them.

This information is read only, it cannot be updated from a worker's phone.

The information is all linked, so that tapping on a cell phone number gives the worker options to TXT or call, clicking a land line number gives the worker an option to call the number, clicking an email allows them to send an email, clicking an address allows them to view the address on a map and get directions, etc...


For Android phones and tablets, tap on the customer name in the job to bring up the customer's information in a display box as below.



For iPhones and iPads tapping on the "i" information icon to the right of the customer name will bring up a second display screen.

You can tap on specific customer information to launch more actions, such as TXTing, calling, emailing or getting directions to a street address.


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