Setup My Workers to Accept, Decline or Reschedule Jobs?

You can give your workers the ability to Accept or Decline Jobs within the settings tab in vWork.

You can also setup your jobs to be declined automatically if they are not accepted within a set time frame.  
To enable this feature, turn on "Auto Decline" as well as Accept and Decline.  You can set the time delay in the box below.

You can also set the 'Auto Accept' setting to allow all jobs to be auto accepted, however this still gives the worker a chance to decline a job.

Are My Workers Allowed to Reschedule Jobs?

By default, mobile workers are not allowed to reschedule jobs they are given.

However, you can turn this feature on if you wish. Simply check the box shown below on your settings page.

Once this is done, your workers can now tap the scheduled start time for a job and enter a new time.


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