Can I Have Lights Out Dispatch?

Yes, absolutely, here's how...

What is Lights Out Dispatch?

"Lights Out Dispatch" or "Automatic Dispatch" is the ability for new jobs to be automatically assigned to workers without any manual intervention by a dispatcher.

This is done in vWork by pre-assigning a worker (or multiple workers) to a template.

Why should I use Lights Out (Automatic Dispatch)?

This feature will help you save time and money by removing the need for manual dispatching.

How do I enable Lights Out Dispatch?

1. Turning on Customer Portal

The first step is giving your customers the permission to create new jobs in your account. This can be done with the vWork Customer Portal. You can find out all about the customer portal here.

Turning on Broadcast Dispatch (Optional)

The second step is turning on the ability to assign more than one worker to a job. This will allow you to publish an incoming job to a set of workers. Whoever accepts the job first, gets the job. It is then automatically removed from the other workers schedules. Here's how to setup broadcast dispatch.

(Note, this is an optional step, you can simply assign different templates to different individual workers if you do not want to turn on the ability to accept and decline jobs.)

Pre-assigning Workers in a Template

The final step, is pre-assigning workers to your job templates. You can do this on the template admin page.

Simply click the template you wish to edit and enter your worker names or tick the box for "Assign to all Workers".

From now on, when a new job is created from this template (either by a customer or a dispatcher) it will automatically be assigned to the workers you have selected.

Or just use the API...

The other option for automatically creating new jobs and assigning them to workers is to use the vWork API. You can find all of the API details here.

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