What Level of Encryption Does vWork Support?

We support the following encryption configurations:

  • Protocols: TLS 1.0 and greater
  • Key exchange algorithms: RSA, DHE, ECDHE
  • Authentication algorithms: RSA
  • Bulk encryption algorithms: AES_256_GCM, AES_128_GCM, AES_256_CBC, AES_128_CBC
  • MAC algorithms: SHA, SHA256

All client applications must support the TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) extension: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication

We do not support:

  • Any version of the SSL (1.0-3.0) protocols
  • RC4 or MD5 encryption
  • Encryption algorithms cipher strengths below 128bits

As an example Google Chrome v40 defaults to this cipher suite: TLS 1.2 + ECDHE + RSA + AES_128_GCM + SHA256

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