How do I Bulk Assign jobs?

What does it mean to bulk assign jobs?

When you bulk assign jobs you allocate many jobs to a particular worker all at once.

This saves you time and effort.

How do I bulk assign jobs to a worker?

  1. In vWork go to the Jobs tab.

  2. Make sure you have selected the correct time period that includes all jobs that you want to bulk assign.


  3. Click in the Search field to filter the jobs you want to assign. 

  4. In the jobs list, click to check the checkbox next to each job that you want to bulk assign to a single worker. If you want to assign all jobs to one worker, click the checkbox at the top of the jobs list.

  5. When you have made your selection, move your cursor to hover over the Actions button. From the Actions list select Assign to Worker to open the Bulk Assign box.


  6. Select the worker you want to assign the jobs to from the Worker field. Choose a start date and time in the State Date/Time fields and click the Ok button.

    Note: By default, the start time you choose is only used for jobs with no start time. If you want to use the new start time for all the bulk assigned jobs, check the Override Existing Job Start Times checkbox.


    Here you can see the six jobs assigned to the worker, Bindi Bulker.


  7. The jobs are in Pending state. You can Publish them here in the job list, or from the schedule, when you are ready.


Please note that you cannot re-assign jobs that are completed and you also cannot change the start time for a job that has started.

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