How do vWork Mobile Apps Collect Location Data?

What is location data?

vWork can collect location data for each of your workers or vWork users, which shows your worker's location, real time on the map.  

vWork's mobile apps collect locations from your worker's phones, and send them to our servers. This is done both in the background and in response to specific events.

Why use location data?

Location data is useful for real time tracking of your workers.  Make smarter dispatching decisions by selecting the closest available worker to a job.

How do I set the tracking levels?

For background tracking, you and your workers can select the level of tracking you would like. You can specify Operating Hours, whether you prefer to save power or get more accurate location data, or you can turn off location tracking completely.

After a fresh installation, the apps are configured as follows:

  • Tracking enabled
  • Operating hours: all day, every day
  • Accuracy: Automatic (high accuracy when charging, low power when on battery)

Positions will never be tracked if a worker is signed out of the app.

In addition to background tracking, job changes (such as editing fields or completing steps) that the worker's phone sends to the server, are geolocated.

This will also only happen during operating hours if position tracking is turned on. vWork will always attempt to use the most accurate location providers available when geolocating job updates.

Accuracy settings

The mobile apps allow you to specify how you would like locations to be gathered. The options are: Best Accuracy, Battery Saving, and Automatic.

In general:

  • Best Accuracy will always try and get the most accurate positions, regardless of battery life. Use this if the worker's location is crucial to your business.
  • Battery Saving will sacrifice accuracy for less power and data usage. Use this setting if you need to know with fair accuracy where your workers are, but also need their battery to last a long time.
  • Automatic will switch to low power mode whenever the phone is disconnected from the charger.

Because different mobile platforms have different capabilities and policies, the exact behaviour of each setting varies.

Please note: Even with "Best Accuracy" selected, the locations we are able to display will only be as good as the device can provide, and various external factors may cause less accurate locations to be sent.

Click here to read about location providers and the factors that can influence accuracy.

vWork for Android and location.
vWork for Android uses Google's Fused Location Provider. On battery, all settings reduce their power consumption slightly, by reducing the frequency and increasing the distance between locations.

Best Accuracy

  • GPS and Mobile providers
  • Sends locations every 30-60s (1-2 mins on battery)
  • Sends locations for every 10m moved (50m on battery). Max 1 every 10s (20s on battery).

Battery Save

  • Mobile and wifi providers, may supplement with GPS.
  • Sends locations every 30-60s (1-2 mins on battery)
  • When charging, also sends a location for every 50m moved. Max 1 every 20s.

Automatic (charging)

  • GPS and Mobile providers.
  • Sends locations every 30-60s
  • Sends locations every 10m moved. Max 1 every 10s.

Automatic (on battery)

  • Mobile and wifi providers, may supplement with GPS.
  • Sends locations every 1-2mins
  • Sends locations every 50m moved. Max 1 every 20s.


vWork for iOS and location.
vWork for iOS uses Apple's location services. The settings have the following effect:

  • GPS: Requests that locations should have accuracy within 10m. This will generally mean that GPS is used. Locations with worse accuracy may still be sent.
  • Cellular: Requests that locations should have accuracy within 50m. In some areas, this will use Mobile location only. In other areas it may use the GPS from time to time.
  • Automatic: Switches between GPS (when charging) and Mobile (when on battery).

Regardless of this setting, the iOS app will also send a location every 10 minutes using the most accurate location provider available.

If the iOS app receives a location from the system that has lower accuracy than the previous one, it will not be sent unless the previous one is older than 10 minutes.


Please Note: The information in this article refers to the latest publicly available version of the vWork mobile apps on the date of publication. We are constantly evolving and improving our apps and tracking behaviour may change


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