How Do Customers Get Access to my Customer Portal?

There are three ways your customers can get access to your portal. They are as follows:


1.  Link to Your Portal from Your Website

You can put a link on your website inviting your customers to go to the portal site and create an account. 


We provide some sample code to make this easy for you, but you are welcome to craft your own link instead.  You can find the sample code on the portal setup page.


2.  Email Your Customers a Link to the Signup Form

You can also email your customers inviting them to visit your portal and sign up for an account. The link will look like this:, but you will need to replace the xxx with the domain name that you choose when setting up your portal.

We will email them asking them to confirm their email address and activate their account.  This ensures that they are using a real email address and you will be able to contact them again in the future. They won't be able to use portal until they have activated their account.


3.  Create Their Account Manually and Email them an Activation Link

If you wish you can also setup customer portal logins on behalf of your customers, simply scroll down to the bottom of your Customer Portal page to see a list of all your customer portal users and click the "Add Portal User" button.


You can enter the email address, select which templates they are allowed to view as well as give them permission for creating jobs for other customers if you wish.

Once you have added the user, we will email them with an invitation to activate their account. 


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