How do I View Unassigned Jobs on the Map?

Make Sure the Address is Geocoded

In order to show any job on the map - the job must have at least one geocoded step address.

What are geocoded addresses?

Geocoding (sometimes called forward geocoding) uses a description of a location, most typically a postal address or place name, to find geographic coordinates from spatial reference data such as building polygons, land parcels, street addresses, postal codes (e.g.ZIP codes, CEDEX), and so on.

Geocoded steps are steps where the address was selected from one of the suggested options; these are shown with a green tick next to them.

Why should I use geocoding in my addresses?

Geocoding your addresses ensures the job will appear on the map and will link with GPS for easy mapping and directions.  

How do I geocode my addresses?


View One

To find a specific unassigned job on the map - search for the job in the search box.

 View All

If you wish to see all unassigned jobs at once, ensure the "Unassigned" box is ticked to the right of the map.

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