How Do I Customise My Company Working Hours?

Note: depending on when you signed up for an account, you may have working hours disabled, if so, you can enable this feature on the user admin page.


What are Company Working Hours?

Company working hours are a simple visual indicator on the schedule to show you when your workers are available for work. (You can still assign work outside of these times if you need to.)


Why should I use company working hours?

Some companies schedule jobs outside of the standard 40 hour week.  By customizing your working hours, you can schedule additional jobs and synchronize your schedule with your actual working hours.


How do I set company working hours?

Set your company working hours in the user admin page. This is especially useful if you have a customer self service portal.

In the example below, you can see that working hours have been set to the default, Monday to Friday 8-6, as a result the day is shown in white, and the night is greyed out.


How Do I Change My Company Hours?

You can change your company hours on the user admin page. In the example below, the hours are still set to the default, Monday to Friday 8-6.

If you want to change the existing hours, click on the time you wish to change and adjust it up or down. You can also use the + and x buttons to add and remove time slots. If you ever need to go back to the defaults, click the red "Restore Defaults" button in the bottom right corner.


What if I Want to Change the Hours for Only One Worker?

Not a problem, you can do this from the user admin page as well, select the worker from the list and click their name to edit their details. On the details page, scroll down until you see the heading: "Company Working Hours Override" and tick the checkbox, you now have a number of new options available to you, they are explained below...


How Do I Make This Worker Available on Saturdays?

Now, click the + button on Saturday and adjust the hours as required. In the example below, I have also clicked the x button on Monday, so that Andy is not working 6 days a week.


How Do I Make This Worker Available All the Time?

Click the blue button "Make Andy Available 24/7". While this seems like an odd option, it can be useful if you have an after hours on call worker. It should look like the screen capture below.


How Do I Make This Worker Never Available?

Enable the working hours override and delete any entries so that the override schedule is empty. It should look like the screen capture below. Again, an unusual option, but can be useful if a worker is on leave for a few weeks.


I Have Already Setup One Worker, How Do I Copy These Settings to Another Worker?

Open the worker that you wish to setup. In the top right corner of the override schedule, look for a pull down menu called "Copy working hours from:" and select the user you wish to copy from. Click ok.


I Have Totally Messed Up, Can I Go Back to the Default Settings?

Absolutely, simply select "Company Working Hours" from the pull down menu in the top right corner and click ok.


What Does the End Result Look Like?

Here is an example showing Andy with the day off, Barry working the standard company hours, Buster on call all night, and Clarissa and Donna with staggered start and finish times.

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