Can I set Job Labels via the API?

Yes, job labels allow you to customize what pieces of information are shown at the top level views for web and mobile users.

This is a Beta API extension of a feature we recently added to the web UI.  To get a preview of how it works, login to vWork and scroll to the bottom of one of the templates in the admin page, you will see a UI that looks like this:

If you want to replicate this template based functionality with the API, you can add tags to nodes specifying where they should be used as labels. Available tags are:








Supported nodes are:











Here are some examples:

  • <template_name mobile_label="1">Sample Template</template_name>
  • <planned_start_at web_label="3">2014-10-10T06:06Z</planned_start_at>
  • <customer_name web_label="3">Willy</customer_name> 
  • <custom_field><name web_label="2">custom field name</name>
  • <step><location><formatted_address web_label="2">1 Main Street, Auckland</formatted_address> 

This functionality is currently only available when using XML, it is not supported in the JSON version of the vWork API.

You may not tag more than one node with each label.

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