Will I Lose My Jobs When I Delete a User?

No, deleting a user does not delete their jobs, here is what it does:

Accounts and Billing

  • Removing the user means you can reduce your monthly billing on the "My Account" page, this is not done automatically. There will be a message at the top of the user admin page letting you know if you are currently paying for more users than you are using.

Mobile App

  • Deleting a user means they will not be able to use the vWork mobile application any more.

Schedule Tab

  • The worker's row is removed from the schedule to prevent any more work to be assigned to them, so you will no longer see their jobs on the schedule.

Jobs Tab

  • All of the jobs remain on the jobs tab and you can search them and report on them from there.


  • Jobs for the deleted user will appear in reports when you run reports for "all Workers"
  • You do lose the ability to filter the report to only that worker when you are running the report. (Because the worker name is removed form the drop down list of workers.)

Please note, you will not be able to delete a user whose has active jobs assigned to them, you will need to remove any active jobs before you can delete them.

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