How to Enable the Public Customer Portal

vWork Enterprise Plan Feature

What is the Public Customer Portal ?

If you enable the public portal, anyone can go to your portal address and sign up then log in. This means anyone can sign up to become a customer. 

Why you should use the Public Portal ?

The public portal enables anyone to sign up and create jobs to use your services, if allowed they can create their own jobs and track and alert themselves. This is all without any work or input from you. All they need is the portal web address:

How to enable the public portal.

1. Head to Settings > Customer Portal and enable the Public Portal check box. 

With this enabled anyone can sign up for your services. they will receive the default permissions on your portal settings page.
If this is not checked only users you setup will have access to login to your portal. 

If this is checked, the below will now appear on your portal login page:

How to I setup the portal ?

Please head to this help article on the full setup of the customer portal 

How do my Customers use the Public Portal ?

We have a great separate article on using the portal from a customers point of view here

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