How to quickly add multiple photos to vWork using Google Photo's

If you have a job where you need to record multiple images, but do not want to add many fields to your job template.
You can use this quick workaround to attach a photo collage to your job.

This uses the free, awesome Google Photos app.     

1. Download and install Google Photos
for your Android phone here:

Download and Install Google Photos
for your iPhone here: 

2. Add one Image Custom field to your Job as below:

3. Take multiple Job photos outside of vWork (using your phone camera).

4. When you are ready to add the photo collage, follow the below steps to create your job collage:

 a. Open google Photo's

 b. Tap the + and select collage

 c. Select your photos 

 d. Tap Create and your new multi photo collage will be made, ready to attach to your job.


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