What is a Pick List and how do I use them ?

What is a Pick List ?

Pick Lists are a type of custom field. They can be added to Jobs. They allow you to define a selection of fields or status's that your workers can choose from when working on a job.

A Pick List lets your worker select one option from the list.
A Multi-value Pick List lets your worker choose multiple options from the list.

We have already created some samples for you to use, but you can create your own as well.

Why use a Pick List ?

Adding a pick list to a job gives your mobile worker quick access to add a set status to a job, like 'passed' or 'delivered' without having to type up notes.

This saves time and ensures all jobs have the right information.

How do I create a Pick list ?

There are two ways you can create new Pick Lists. You can do this:

  • in in vWork Settings - a great option for when you want to create many Pick Lists at one time, or
  • directly in a Template - a great when you want to create a pick list at the same time as you are creating the Template.


Create a Pick List in vWork Settings

  1. Go to vWork > Settings > Pick lists in the vWork website.
  2. Click Add Pick List  to open the Create Pick List window.
  3. Give the Pick List a name to easily identify it from other pick lists.
  4. Add the values your worker will choose from.
  5. Click Save Changes


Add The Pick List to a Template

Once you have created a Pick List you can select it as a custom field in your Templates.

  1. Go to vWork> Settings> Templates  in the vWork website.
  2. Select the Template you want to add the Pick List to. 
  3. Go to the Custom Fields tab. 
  4. Click in the Type menu custom field, and scroll to find and select the Pick List from the Pick Lists or Multi-Picklists options.


Create a Pick List in a Template

When you are creating a Template you can create a pick list.

  1. Go to the Custom Fields tab. 
  2. Click in the Type menu custom field.
  3. Scroll to find and then select Create Pick List. This will open the  Create Pick List window.

  4. In the  Create Pick List window give the Pick List a name to easily identify it from other pick lists.
  5. Add the values your workers will choose from. Type the first value then click Add Item to add the second item. Do this for every item you want in your pick list.
  6. Click Save Changes to save the Pick List.



Changing and editing existing Pick Lists

You can easily add a new item to an existing picklist. This will be available for all new jobs created using the updated Pick List.

If you change an existing item on a checklist (such as the spelling) please be aware that this will not change for jobs that were created before the pick list was updated. All Jobs created after the change was made to the pick list will reflect this change. So if there are existing jobs open with picklist A, then someone changes values in picklist A there will still be outstanding jobs that have the old picklist values.

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