Location tracking on your phone

Can I turn off or adjust location tracking on my phone ?

Yes, vWork gives you the ability to 

1. Restrict location tracking to certain hours and days

2. Turn location tracking off completely (step 4 below)

3. Select accuracy levels. see the article for Android here and iPhone here.

You also have the ability to log out of the mobile app, however this means all messages, notifications and updates with vWork will stop.

You can follow the below steps to set the hours your location is tracked.



1. Touch the Menu top left.

1. Touch Menu

2. Touch Settings

2. Touch Settings

3. Touch Location Tracking

3. Touch Advanced Settings

 4. Touch Operating Hours. You can turn off tracking altogether here as well.

4. Touch Operating Hours, you can also turn off tracking altogether here.

5. Then select your days and hours you would like tracking on.
(scroll down for Saturday and Sunday if required)

5. Select your days and hours you would like tracking on here.


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